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Puff & Brew

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Puff & Brew was founded in June 2022 for smokers who want a new life and good health by quitting smoking.

Vaping reduces the risk of lung cancer by using ingredients carefully crafted. The vape mod creates a steamy scent that will satisfy the user with their personal taste choices.

It takes time to become a vaper but when you decide to vape it will reduce your risk of getting illness than smoking.

We encourage smokers to quit smoking by switching to vaping to reduce nicotine use, which leads to addiction.

By encouraging smokers to switch to vaping, we offer many different flavors of menthol, fruit, pastries, and more. To satisfy its user satisfaction. Vape contains several levels of smoking-like nicotine, each cigarette stick contains 9-12 mg of nicotine.

The average smoker consumes about 10-15 bars a day, which is easy to get sick in the future. To switch smokers to vaping, vaping has different levels of nicotine ranging from 0 mg to 12 mg of nicotine.

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Payment Methods AcceptedCash, Credit Cards, COD
Business Area Coverage -Serviceable areas that you prioritizeVisayas
Dellivery MethodsPickup

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