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Philippine Vehicles Exchange (PhilVex)

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Business Description or PhilVex is a free automotive classified ads online marketplace in the Philippines where sellers and car enthusiasts meet. We offer advertising listing for free ranging from cars, commercial vehicles, motor vehicles, and many more.

Why Us?
We provide the best online platform where user experience is our priority. Our platform has been created to meet the continuously changing demands of online shoppers while adopting new technologies and innovative features. That is why we adopt the maps features, a new way of searching things on the internet. This feature will help users to simplify searching vehicles using locations while still enjoying the traditional querying methods. As a result, the user will experience an efficient searching directed to a particular vehicle using maps.

Our Vision
Be, and be recognized as, the number one online automotive marketplace in the Philippines.

Additional Business Info:

Step 9 - Google Map Listing if you have any AVAILABLE,121.1169063,19z
Business Area Coverage -Serviceable areas that you prioritizeMetro Manila, Luzon, Visayas , Mindanao

How can PhilVex help me find my next car? 

PhilVex has plenty of tools to help you find the perfect match! If you need help deciding, use our Matchmaker tool and our quiz will ask what's most important to you in a new vehicle to help you narrow your search.

If there's a specific vehicle you're shopping for, just use the search box on the PhilVex homepage or get started here. Start by selecting the make and model or body type that you're looking for, the price range that you are willing to spend, and your city. Once you're done, just click either “Search on Listings” or “Search on Maps” button. You will see all vehicles in your area that might be a good fit.

To search for vehicles fitting your exact specifications, try our Advanced Search! On this page, you can focus on specific vehicle details—age, mileage, features, etc.—to ensure that your search results show exactly what you're looking for. Don't forget to research the vehicles you are interested in to see reviews from our expert editorial team alongside reviews from real car owners!

How can I adjust my search result?

After entering your initial search, you can adjust the results by adding or removing filter options from the menu on the left-hand side of the page (or click the “Filter” button at the top of the search page if you're on a mobile device). As you change the filters, the search results will automatically adjust to show only the available vehicles that meet your selected criteria.


How can I find my next car using PhilVex maps services?

There are two available maps services for you to search your next car using PhilVex:Maps Explorer — This page splits into two sections.

The left section shows the map where all seller locations that match on the search results will be displayed. The right section shows the list of sellers and the cars they are selling. With the map feature, you can customize your search results according to the location by using maps tools such as scouting, finding results near your current location, filtering displays by adjusting the distance radius from where you're located, zooming in and out, recentering to your current location, search textbox, and many more.

With the seller and car list feature, you can view the car details and specifications. This list is also sorted according to distance from your current location or from the center of map's current view.

Car Dealers Locator — This page allows you to search your next car using a car dealer's location. It also has the same maps feature as the Maps Explorer page. However, the search results only show car dealerships and the seller's details.


How to find car dealers near my city?

You can use the Car Dealers Locator page by clicking on the "Search nearby car dealers" popup button right at the bottom of the city search textbox. Please take note that the browser may ask your permission to know your location, just click "Allow" and then the map will automatically zoom in and recenter to your current location with the car dealers list near that area. Also, please take note that PhilVex does not collect or store your location information to our database. This is to insure that your current location is private. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy page.

How to start selling vehicles with PhilVex?

All you need to do to start selling with PhilVex are as follows:Sign up a FREE account to PhilVex's Become a Partner page. Select a partnership program that fits to your selling needs;
Verify your email address linked to your account; and
Verify your phone number linked to your account;
Once you completed all of these requirements, you can now start listing your vehicles for FREE.
Why do I need to become a PhilVex Certified Car Dealer?

Why do I need to become a PhilVex's Certified Car Dealer?

You will enjoy the following benefits when you become a Certified Car Dealer:Your profile and listings will be prioritized on search rankings.
You will have a special badge tagged on your profile, listings, maps services, and listing previews which increases your credibility as a legitimate PhilVex seller.

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