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Animal House Veterinary Hospital and Grooming Center

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Animal House is a dynamic chain of 12 veterinary clinics located in different areas of Metro Manila. We offer care to both pets and pet owners. Having started in 1986, Animal House is one of the country’s leading professional groups of veterinary health care providers, offering comprehensive veterinary services by experienced, skilled and caring teams of veterinarians, nurses, handlers and groomers. The strong team of 40 veterinarians are continuously trained by world class specialists and resource speakers to be able to offer best and current levels of veterinary medicine.

Animal House is equipped with in-house diagnostics (routine blood check), X-rays and ultrasound machines. We offer veterinary services for dentistry, ophthalmologic, dermatologic or skin conditions. We also offer wellness programs for geriatric patients who often show cardiac, neurologic conditions and cancer. Rehabilitation services such as laser therapy and acupuncture are also available. Animal House also offers grooming services.

Our aim is to ensure that pets can avail of the best veterinary care, diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations possible. Each Animal House Veterinary hospital is a pet home where you can bring your pet for consultations, preventive health programs such as vaccinations, external and internal parasite control.

All branches are stocked with the best pet food for different ages, breeds, sizes and medical conditions. Animal House offers best recommendations that ensure wellness and prevention of diseases. Available also, are the latest products for tick and flea control and prevention, heartworm prevention. Supplements for haircoat, joints, dental care and other pet supplies.

Animal House handles routine cases, emergency needs, and minor/major surgeries.


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Payment Methods AcceptedCash
Business Area Coverage -Serviceable areas that you prioritizeMetro Manila



Checking pets when they are apparently healthy is a great way of early disease prevention and monitoring health status.

Routine surgeries like castration and spaying can be scheduled for prevention of sex-hormone associated diseases.

Complicated surgeries of internal organs and bones warrant further assessment or case to case basis.

Animal House has the Makati Branch (24/7) for dealing with emergency cases late into the night or in the wee hours of the morning when time is of the essence.

When you need helping hands to take care of your pets while you're away.

Branches available: AH Aurora.

Pet identification with a 15-digit ISO certified microchip is essential for pets who like to travel with their owners, locally and abroad.

Available branches: AH Makati.

Fatal and infectious diseases against Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, Canine Parvovirus, Canine Parainfluenza and Rabies are readily available in all branches.

Regular grooming procedures like bathing, furstyling, face trim, ear clean, nail trim and anal sac expression are all necessary for overall wellness and hygiene.

Dogs and cats need to preserve their oral health too!. Dogs may develop tartar and plaque buildup overtime that might not be fixed with just routine tooth brushing.

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