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fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx The summer in Beijing was almost the same as that in the south. It was hot and rainy, so Kangxi hid in the summer resort to amuse his concubine every summer, while Yongzheng hid in the yuanmingyuan to walk his dog. Man'er also wanted to escape to the manor outside the city, but because of her promise to Yunlu, she could not escape, so she had to hide in the lake of Qinshui Pavilion as usual, which was why she could swim. I always soak in the lake, and I can swim even if I can't. "Tabu, Ultay, watch them!" After swimming back and forth several times, Man-er, tired and panting, went ashore and fell into the shade of a tree as he told Tabu to watch the children. "God, I'm so tired!" "Have some sour plum soup, Fujin." Yugui courteously served the plum soup. "Thank you." Man drank it up and lay down on the grass. "By the way, I've always wanted to ask, why hasn't the Bulan River come to make trouble?" At the mention of the name, the four maidservants all burst out laughing and looked back and forth in wonder. "What are you laughing at?" "Of course she was laughing at Bulanxi Gege. She didn't want to marry the King of Ning County, but that was the emperor's will, and she couldn't do anything about it. Later I heard that the King of Ning County didn't want to marry her either.." At this point,wholesale plastic pallet, Yugui could not help but stop laughing, and Tong Gui had to go on for her. "Once, the two of them happened to meet on the street in the inner city. One of them immediately told the other aggressively that he didn't want to marry her at all, and the other, not to be outdone, told the other that she didn't want to marry him either. You and I quarreled in the street.." Words at this point, Tong Gui also stopped, four people laughed relative to each other,plastic pallet supplier, the expression is very ambiguous. Man'er looked at it, and suddenly there was a flash of inspiration in his mind. "Are you kidding me? Are they happy that enemies don't get together, so they just quarrel with each other?" The four maidservants scrambled to nod and laughed. "I heard about the wedding day," Wan-jung continued, laughing. "The newlyweds are still making a lot of noise in the bridal chamber, turning the world upside down!" "But after marriage, love is tight!" Yurong made a final addition. "So they're married?" Man'er shook his head incredulously. "It's true that Bulan Hsi has changed her mind so quickly. I think she's just infatuated with the old man for a moment. She's only willing to make such a fuss. Hum, next time we meet, I'll have to pull it out!" Seeing that Man Er was very angry and unwilling, Tong Gui could not help laughing more loudly, which made Man Er more and more angry. He turned his back to close his eyes and dozed, too lazy to pay attention to them any more. Unexpectedly, as soon as she closed her eyes, she fell asleep until Yugui woke her up. She thought she was just a little blind. "Fu-chin, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet manufacturer, wake up! Fu-chin, Hsiao-chi is here!" "Hmm?"? Hum.. Man'er rubbed his sleepy eyes and sat up sideways. "Eh?"? What about everyone? "You're all tired. Go inside and sleep!" "Yeah?"? Have I slept that long? "Yes, Fujin. It's been more than an hour." Really? I don't even think so! As he spoke, Man stretched himself and got up again. "Where is Xiao Qi?" "Waiting in the main room!" A quarter of an hour later, Man'er changed into clean clothes and went to see Xiao Qi. "Please, Xiao Qi, if it's my second sister who wants to see me again, please save your saliva!" Xiao Qi spread out his hands. "Who called me a carrier pigeon?" Man'er laughed. "I'll tell you, if they mention it, you'll tell them it's Wang Yeh who forbids it. That's all right." "I told you!" Xiao Qi grinned. "So the second young lady asked me to ask you to go to see her secretly without telling Wang Yeh." "That's enough!" Man'er rolled his eyes. "Well, if she ever says anything like that again, you can tell her I won't do anything without telling Wang Yeh, so don't ask me again!" Xiao Qi shrugged his shoulders comically. "I bet she won't let it go." "Do you think I don't know?" Man'er murmured, rubbing his temples with a headache. "By the way, do they know that Wang Yeh is not in Beijing?" "I don't know yet, but I can't hide it for much longer." Man'er groaned. "My God, I really don't understand. My second sister is here. Why doesn't my father go back to Yunnan?" Xiao Qi thought for a moment.
"As far as I know, they haven't given up their plan to save people." "Let me die!" Man'er groaned even louder. "Xiao Qi, I beg you, tell me quickly that this is only your guess, and the possibility is zero!" Xiao Qi looked at her sympathetically, and the corners of his mouth were cramping. "I finally found out the identities of the people who came with the second young lady. They were Lu Siniang, Yu Niang, the bearded man, the young master of the Duan clan of the Bai clan, and the eldest brother of that jade girl. I think Sister Man'er should know who he is." "Yu Han-yan's eldest brother?" Man'er screamed in surprise. "The dragon head of the Heaven and Earth Society?" Xiao Qi nodded. "They've been planning something, so I say they haven't given up trying to save people." Man'er opened his mouth and was stunned. If that's true.. My God, it's going to be a big deal, and if it's a little more bad luck, her father or sister will get caught, and then.. Whoo, whoo, why doesn't that old man come back? fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx In front of the house, two figures fell to the ground one after another, and the other two figures quickly came out of the house. "Found it?" "Not only did I find it, but I got it!" "No wonder it's been so long. Anyway, now that we've got it, it's not a problem to deal with Prince Chuang!" Moments later, the hall was filled with people, who formed a circle and began to discuss the battle plan. "Now, it's not difficult to get rid of Prince Chuang, but we must first lead him to nowhere. This is the key point, so.." Wang Wenhuai looked around the crowd. "Do you have any suggestions?" "Man!" Liu Zhaoyun blurted out. "Man'er is the death of Prince Chuang. You can't go wrong catching her!" "Well, well, yes, yes!" Everyone nodded in agreement,heavy duty plastic pallet, which was indeed the best way, but. "Don't move Man!" Zhu Chengming shouted angrily. "If anyone of you dares to touch her, I will kill him first!" 。 cnplasticpallet.com