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Liao Jiexian nodded and said, "Yes, I'm not afraid to tell you honestly that the reason why I tried my best to shoot that photo album for you at the beginning, so painstakingly to please you, and put up with your young lady's bad temper to fall in love with you is because you are the only daughter of a rich man with a net worth of over 100 million." It is because you are the sole heir of hundreds of millions of assets of the successful group. If you marry me, you will marry with a dowry of 100 million yuan. Even if I don't like you, I can't make trouble with the 100 million family property, can I? Yu Weilan's face was pale, with tears of humiliation in his eyes and his chest rising and falling violently. He pointed at him and said, "Liao Jiexian, I treat you sincerely, but I didn't expect you to have ulterior motives for me.". I, I was wrong about you. I guess I'll have to rethink our relationship. With a sinister sneer on his face, Liao Jie said, "I know you want to dump me, but it's impossible now.". Because I have mastered more of your secrets, if I can't marry you,gold heap leaching, can't share with you the hundreds of millions of family property, I will use my writing talent to write a long report about the story between you and me, accompanied by some photos I took secretly, and serialize it in the feature edition of the evening paper. I think it will have a sensational effect. "You, you dare?" Yu Weilan blushed with anger. Liao Jiexian laughed and said, "What am I afraid of?"? Rabbits bite when they are in a hurry. If you push me too hard, I will expose all your scandals. Not only will I ruin your reputation,tin beneficiation plant, but I will also send you to prison, and maybe I will shoot you. Yu Weilan's face had become very ugly. Staring at him, he gritted his teeth and said, "Well, Liao, you are cruel.". Tell me, what else do you know? Liao Jiexian said, "I also know all your plans to deal with Zhu Hui." Zhu Hui listens to be stupefied: "The plan that deals with me?"? How is this even related to me? He hurriedly turned his ears sideways and listened carefully. Liao Jiexian said to Yu Weilan: "Over the past few years, your father has been very disappointed with you, the'second generation ancestor 'who has nothing to do all day and can only spend a lot of money but has never been able to make money, especially after you have recently contracted the bad habit of taking drugs under my instigation.." When Zhu Hui heard him say the word "drug abuse", she immediately remembered that when she first saw them in the "Blue Blood Man" bar, magnetic separator machine ,gold CIP machine, they were fighting for a cigarette on the table, which turned out to be drugs. In the bottom of her heart, she sighed for Yu Weilan's carelessness in making friends, and then listened attentively. Liao Jiexian said, "You didn't take Zhu Hui's appearance to heart at first. You thought your father was just playing with this girl from other places who sells insurance. But your father not only officially announced that he would marry her, but also had the idea that he would change his will and leave only half of his estate to you, the black sheep of the family, and most of his property to her. You were in a hurry.". So just as you had dealt with your two poor stepmothers before, you began to deal with the woman who would soon become your third stepmother. First of all, you want to do something to get her out of the inheritance battle automatically. You hired a bar girl who pretended to be drunk and was knocked down by your father's car, then pestered him to drive her home, and then coincidentally let Zhu Hui catch this scene. What's more disgusting is that the bar girl took the opportunity to kiss your father on the face. You thought Zhu Hui would leave your father in a fit of pique because of this, but Zhu Hui is not the kind of completely brainless woman you imagined. Although she saw everything, she didn't fall into your trap and refused to believe it easily. Instead, she immediately called a private detective named Yang Bing to investigate your father. When you failed, you made another plan. You spent a lot of money to bribe Yang Bing and let him speak ill of your father in front of Zhu Hui according to your instructions. Finally, you did not forget to remind her solemnly that the next target of your father's murder was very likely to be her. In order to make her fully believe Yang Bing's words, you paid someone to follow them to the hunting villa. At night, the man deliberately sneaked around her room and let your father find out.
Your father was worried that someone would hurt his sweetheart, so naturally he would come out with a crossbow gun to check it out. The man lured your father to Zhu Hui's window and disappeared. After inquiring about Yang Bing's words, Zhu Hui became suspicious of your father. At this time, the grass and trees were all jittery. In the middle of the night, your father stood in front of her window with a crossbow gun. Do you think she would be scared half to death? So three times, she will be convinced of Yang Bing's words, as long as there is a chance, will immediately leave your father like to escape the God of pestilence. In this way, you can solve the opponent in a quiet and bloodless way. High, the use of this counterplot is really high. 12 When Zhu Hui heard Liao Jiexian's words, it was like waking up from a dream, and it was too late to regret: from the very beginning, she had fallen into the trap of others and misunderstood General Yu; the scene of General Yu's intimate contact with other women that she saw that night turned out to be a trap carefully set by others; it turned out that General Yu appeared at her window with a crossbow gun for two consecutive nights not to harm her, but to protect her; She was attacked by a wild boar in the mountain hunting area that day. General Manager Yu shot the wild boar in time to save her. She even suspected that he was going to kill her. The most hateful thing was that she hesitated and delayed the precious time of rescuing General Yu because she misunderstood General Yu, which caused General Yu to die with hatred. She, she is really no different from the murderer! At the thought that General Manager Yu was indirectly killed by her, her heart stung, and tears of regret and sadness fell down silently. When Yu Weilan heard Liao Jiexian tell her whole plan to deal with Zhu Hui word for word, she was greatly taken aback, but her face was silent. She said, "You're right,sodium cyanide price, but the only thing I don't understand is, how do you know my secrets?"? You should know that every step of this plan is designed by myself, and no one else in the world will know it completely except myself. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com