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The night rain hesitated for a moment, facing the dark eyes of the night cloud, and resolutely said, "Lord Elf King has decided to let all our clansmen pack up their things and prepare for migration." After listening to the words of the night rain, the whole body of the night cloud trembled violently, the veins on his forehead were exposed, and his two pointed ears trembled constantly, "This, this is impossible.". Father, father, how could he make such a decision? This is our home! We've given enough. No, I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving. Rain, did the elves agree? The night cloud silently nodded his head and said, "Yes, after weighing the pros and cons, all the elves and elves agreed. Although it's hard for the people to accept, how can we go against the wishes of the Elf King?". Cloud, you must not be impulsive! Lord Elf King is also for the good of everyone, the number of the five elves together is more than three million, which is a hundred times that of us, and they are the best,Fiberglass tape measure, how can we compete? The reason why Lord Elf King made such a decision is to let our night elves pass on. Once we fight hard, we will only end up with the destruction of the whole family. Cloud, listen to me and accept your father's orders. Night cloud's eyes gradually red, the whole body exhaled a layer of chill, his voice became extremely cold, "No, you go, I will never leave this place where I have lived for a hundred years,fish measuring tape, unless I die, I will never let the bastards of the Holy Light invade our hometown." Although the life of the elves is very monotonous, but they are content with this kind of dull life, and the night cloud is one of the models, he knew from an early age that the night elves are the weakest of the six elves, he is the only son of the king of the night elves, in order to lead the people to revive the glory of the night Elves, he is very strict with himself. Most of the time every day is used to practice hard, one hundred years old elves are equivalent to human youth of twenty years old, night cloud as early as ten years ago, has become the youngest elf in the history of the elves, his dark magic has been the true biography of the elf king, the inheritance of the blood of the night elf king makes him born with the ability to get close to the dark elements, coupled with hard work, His strength has been ranked in the top twenty among the night elves. Night rain and night cloud grew up together, cattle weight tape ,tape measure clip, two people are about the same age, how can she not understand the stubbornness of night cloud? She knew that she could not persuade him to change his mind. With a sigh, he said, "What do you want?"? Ten days later, will you fight to the death with the five clans? Don't you know the strength of the five clans? If you fight with them, you'll only die in vain! The night cloud's heart was filled with hatred, and the dark elements in the air were constantly condensing towards him. Under that powerful power, the night rain could not help flying back a few meters. The huge momentum suddenly converged, and the night cloud's fluctuating mood gradually calmed down. He said lightly, "Do you want to die?"? Even if die what, for the sake of the dignity of the people, I am willing to die, but even if I die, they will certainly pay a painful price. Rain, let's go. I want to go back and see my father. The night rain put the short bow on her shoulder, she did not say anything, but in the depths of her eyes, there was a firm look, as if at this moment, she had decided something. At the same time as the night clouds, they spread their wings and flew towards the center of the night elves'territory in the diffuse night. Even though the realm of the night elves is the most barren among the elves, it still has a beauty far beyond the human world. A winding stream runs through the middle of the realm of the night elves. Under the moonlight, the shadows of the trees add a bit of mystery to the forest. No matter what kind of elves, their way of life is very similar, elves have always lived in tree houses, these tree houses, they cut down the branches and leaves of trees too lush, after special processing and then build their own houses. Tree houses look simple on the outside, but they are so strong that they can often be built once and live for a hundred years. Every elf family will have one of these treehouses, and will not build another one until the children grow up and have a family.
There are more than ten thousand treehouses in this night elf territory, where all their people are concentrated. Two black figures flew at great speed towards the huge ancient tree with a diameter of five meters in the center of the night elf territory, which did not become so huge because of its long life, but because the elves perched on it had the blood of the elf king, which was closest to the natural blood that gave birth to the giant tree and made it grow so strong in a short time. Its luxuriant branches and leaves cover an area of nearly hundreds of square meters. Ye Yun, you're back. Your father is looking for you. Several night elves flew out of the giant tree and blocked the way of the two figures. The night cloud and the night rain stopped. "Uncle Ye Lu," said the night cloud, "have you come to discuss with your father about the ultimatum of the five clans?" Night Road is more than three hundred years old this year. He is one of the two big elves of the Night Elves. He looks like a middle-aged man. He is much shorter than Night Cloud. But his dark magic is second only to Night Cloud's father, the Elf King, in the whole Night Elves. He is also half of Night Cloud's master. When Night Elf King is not free, he will teach Night Cloud. He is also the father of the night rain. With a sigh, Ye Lu nodded silently and said, "My child, it seems that we are going to be far away from our homes.". I'm going to prepare some things now. You can go in. The night rain took a worried look at the night cloud, which was shrouded in the cold air, and said, "Dad, is there really no room for redemption?"? In any case, we are also elves! Are they really so cruel that they have to drive us out to be satisfied? Ye Lu said angrily,Adhesive fish ruler, "Those guys have never treated us as the same race. They have excluded us for more than a day or two. It's not easy to seize the opportunity this time. Naturally, they won't let it go easily.". The patriarch's decision is wise. In order to keep the blood of our night elves alive, we can only endure humiliation and retire now. 。 tapemeasure.net