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Original Title: Yucheng, Henan: Why can a Small Steel Tape Measure Measure the World? China Steel Tape City — — Yucheng County Committee Publicity Department of Yucheng County, Henan Province Labeling, packing and sealing, Song Dongmei, a 57-year-old employee of Shangqiu Keming Measuring Tools Co., Ltd., is skillfully assembling steel tapes. "More than 85% of the steel tapes in the country are produced in Yucheng!" Every morning, the steel tape assembled by Song Dongmei will be transported to the port in the afternoon and sent to all parts of the world. This state-level poverty-stricken county on the old course of the Yellow River has now developed into a "China Steel Tape City", creating a legend of "World Hardware City". Yucheng Steel Tape Characteristic Industrial Base originated from six farmers in Nanzhuang Village, Shaogang Town. In the 1980s, Shaogang Town was a famous poverty-stricken town, famous for "eating pickles rather than marrying Shaogang people". Unwilling to be poor, six farmers in the village cut up and reassembled the scrap ruler strips purchased from the state-owned tape factory and sold them to the surrounding farmers and construction workers. From then on, they started their business. A stone stirred up a thousand waves, and villagers nearby followed suit,bespoken tape measure, setting off a wave of assembly of steel tape. All of a sudden, steel tape workshops blossomed all over the county, and the steel tape industry began to emerge. The employee is assembling the steel tape. Expand the full text In 1992, Yang Jianbo founded the first steel tape factory in Yucheng County, Zhongzhou Tape Factory, and a group of rural talents such as Xu Xiuzhang and Wu Haiyun also set up factories one after another,keychain tape measure, and small family workshops began to transform to mechanized manufacturing. The rudiment of "Steel Tape Kingdom" is beginning to show. The following year, some factories began to introduce production equipment and carry out semi-mechanized production. Soon, through self-development and introduction of a complete set of equipment, some factories almost fully automated production, technical facilities reached the international advanced level of the same industry. With the gradual expansion of pure manual to mechanization and scale, Yucheng steel tape industry has also encountered the practical problems of high cost, low quality and narrow market. With the improvement of consumers'quality requirements and brand awareness, by the end of the 1990s, the original best-selling products had become unsalable products, and the steel tape industry in Yucheng was struggling. In order to break the limitations of the development of steel tape industry in Yucheng, a steel tape association was established in Yucheng County in 1998. With the help and guidance of the county Party committee and the county government, mini tape measure ,large print tape measure, on the one hand, 29 registered trademarks of steel tapes have been registered, and a number of well-known brands such as "Jianghua", "Hongye" and "Wanshanhong" have been established; on the other hand, large and small enterprises have done their best to strengthen regional brands and export together. The "Kingdom of Steel Tape Measures" began to transform and transform, breaking cocoons into butterflies. After years of efforts, steel tape has not only become a pillar industry in Yucheng County, but also developed into the largest production and marketing base of steel tape in China. On July 11, 2006, Wang Qinping, President of China Metrology Association, officially issued the plaque of "China (Yucheng) Steel Tape City" to Yucheng County in Shangqiu City. The employees are working hard. At present, there are nearly 2000 steel tape enterprises in Yucheng, with an annual output of 1.5 billion. If each tape is connected by 5 meters, the total length can circle the earth 190 times; the production and sales volume also accounts for more than 85% of the country, and there are more than 100 direct sales points in China. It has become the first county of steel tape manufacturing in China. Yucheng people are not satisfied with the honorary title of "China Steel Tape City" and are determined to go to the world and become "World Hardware City". When they investigated the international market, they found that there was a demand gap for screwdrivers and began to invest in related industries. Many enterprises realized the butterfly change from measuring tools to measuring tools production. Yucheng has expanded from a single measuring tool production to a comprehensive hardware measuring tool industry cluster with paint, plastics, moulds, hardware and other steel tape formats as the core, and has stepped into the forefront of the national measuring tool industry. Promote the employment of the masses at home Since 2010, Yucheng people have opened measuring tool stores in various places with an annual growth rate of 20%, firmly occupying the market in developed areas of Europe and the United States, and regularly providing information collection data for the Ministry of Commerce of measuring tool commodity countries, which has been leading the production and circulation of measuring tools in the world, and is regarded as the "barometer" of the world steel tape market by the industry.
On December 19, 2013, China Yucheng International Hardware Trade City, with an area of 800 mu and an investment of 1.05 billion yuan, was officially launched as an "aircraft carrier" with the status of global hardware and measuring tools exhibition and trade headquarters, forming a tripartite pattern of three major hardware and measuring tools professional wholesale markets with Yiwu in Zhejiang Province in the south, Linyi in Shandong Province in the north and Shaogang in Yucheng. With the successful operation of China Yucheng Electroplating Industrial Park, Henan Shangqiu Bonded Logistics Center and E-commerce Industrial Park in Yucheng County, many brand merchants and investors have flocked in. Today, Yucheng's annual export earnings amount to more than 40 million US dollars, accounting for half of the country's export scale,garment measuring tape, and its products are sold all over the world to more than 110 countries such as the United States and Canada. A neatly arranged steel tape From the sole efforts of individual households to the establishment of industrial bases under the guidance of the government; from low-end products with pure handwork to high-end new products with chip voice systems; from OEM to independent brands; from single physical stores to multi-form, multi-channel and all-round marketing of physical and e-commerce; from extensive development to intelligent and intensive development; from domestic sales to export sales.. The progressive Yucheng people are creating one miracle after another. The rising Yucheng is holding high the banner of "China Steel Tape City" and striding towards "World Hardware City", telling the world a new story of Made in China. Source: People's Daily Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com